Diversity Training


Tharseo offers diversity training for individuals, organizations and service providers regarding issues related to gender and sexual diversity.

Workshops are fun, open, and they promote creativity. 

Diversity training consists of experiential workshops to help you understand diversity and make your organization more inclusive for queer, trans, and Two-Spirit clients and staff. Focused on building safe, inclusive environments, diversity training helps to develop understanding, language, and skills to better support your community. 



Language is the root of power and change.
In just a few sentences, many folks can identify whether or not a space is safe and inclusive. Are you aware of the language used in your space? 



For some, walking into a gendered space is uncomfortable - and everyone uses bathrooms.
Our workshops focus on fun and practical way to remove the gender barrier in your organization.



People just want to feel comfortable changing clothes - no big deal.
Our workshops explore fun and creative ways to adjust your change-rooms for the benefit of all patrons.



Sometimes accessibility is as simple as updating the language on your in-take forms.
Workshops focus on the design of the everyday spaces and activities we engage in - and how those experiences can be better-equipped to meet the needs of all. 



Creating Safer Spaces


Health and Wellness spaces

Diversity training makes a big difference in places like yoga studios, spin classes and health spas. 

Everyday spaces

Diversity training benefits places like hair salons, drug stores and other places people come together.

Spiritual spaces

Diversity training explores the relationship between spirituality and sex in churches and places of worship.

professional spaces

Diversity training promotes equality in the workplace, helping everyone feel valued on the job.



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