Individual, Couple, Family

Youth 12+ and Adults 

I am especially interested in topics related to sexuality and spirituality. I also have experience with the following:

  • Fertility

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity

  • Guilt and Shame

  • Grief and LossRelationships (poly positive)

  • Life Transitions

  • Secondary/Vicarious Trauma

  • Sex Therapy

  • Anger

  • Anxiety

  • Addictions/Recovery

  • Body Image

  • Coming Out

  • Conflict

  • Disordered Eating

  • Family Dynamics

RATE: $200 as recommended by the psychology association of alberta

Sliding Scale: Sliding scale is available and is based on income and those who do not have health benefits. Please contact Jill if you have any questions. In addition, counselling services may be claimed as a tax-deductible health expense on your taxes.

I am currently accepting new clients. Please contact me. Thank you!

Workshops and Presentations

Tharseo offers ongoing workshops in and around the Calgary area. Check out these happenings here

Workshops can also be tailored to fit an organization/activity.

Tharseo, in collaboration with Nic Etheridge Calder, proudly offers a workshop on Occupational Stress and Growth: recognizing it and finding your resiliency. This workshop is suitable for any organization doing direct service with vulnerable populations. 

Examples of past workshops include:

 Contact me for more information.


Rate: Please Contact or check out Happenings 

Training and Consultation 

I’m here because of the core belief that people make better decisions – as individuals, as administrators, as educators – when they’re empowered and informed. And because decisions about spirituality and sexuality are so important, they have to be informed and be owned.

It is my goal to preserve and honor the efforts of educators, leaders, and mentors and their desires to grow safe, healthy communities – and help better empower and inform both young people and adults about how to have and facilitate healthy dialogues about sex and sexuality. My work is based on empowerment, education, and inclusion, rather than secrecy, shame, and guilt. My hope is to empower and educate the leaders in your organization so we can continue to promote healthy sexuality in our society. My programs can also provide a safe place for you to explore your own values in the context of sexuality and spirituality.


Examples of trainings that can be tailored to your organization:

  • Staff training on diverse gender and sexual identity language and inclusivity

  • Consultation to create safer spaces in your organization, school, or church

  • Staff training on other topics regarding sexuality

  • Workshops on sexuality for your congregation or parents of children/youth

  • Debriefing with staff on topics related to sex and sexuality

Rates: flexible and based on the program - please contact

Group Counselling 

Why Group Counselling?

Groups can be an incredible way to learn new skills, process things going on in your life, all while connecting and learning from others. Groups help us to feel less alone in our struggles. 

Upcoming Groups:

  • Intensive Group Therapy Weekend for Women (register here)

Rate: $60 per session as recommended by the psychology association of alberta


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